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Saturday, August 2, 2014

How to use a sex doll aka Hillary makes fun of people.....again

ok, I am not sure what just happened but I am pretty sure that is in no way shape or form how one should use a sex doll. This vid. has been posted for humor only, do not watch it hen think you should go poking the womans stomach and pushing on her like that. Unless you are her doctor and your feeling for appendicitis or she recently had a run in with an alien and you fear for the human race that one might burst from her belly any moment. Those scenarios aside, doing anything in this video might get you slapped , maybe, but no doubt you will not be asked back for round two.

Have fun pointing and laughing and making fun of others.......this time it is ok..... this time.

love and rock-em-sock-em robots , Hillary Marek