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Saturday, June 28, 2014




The G-spot was named in honour of the gynaecologist Ernst Graefenberg M.D., who first proposed the presence of an “erotogenic zone” (an area of tissue that swells and evokes erotic sensations in response to touch) just inside the vagina alongside the urethra, in a paper published in 1950. Despite the testimony of thousands of women that a particularly sensitive region of the vagina resides at this location, its existence is still contested in the medical literature to this very day.
Earlier this year an academic paper was published claiming to have finally confirmed the existence of the fabled G-spot (on the basis of a post-mortem dissection of a 83 year old cadaver). The author was promptly pounced upon by distinguished colleagues and so the dispute rages on with medics and scientists continuing their debate over whether or not a distinct anatomical structure exists close to the opening of the vagina in its anterior wall (that is: the wall of tissue that is closest to the abdomen). For those to whom the anatomical details are considerably less interesting than the functional impact that stimulation of this area makes in the pursuit of sexual satisfaction there is much to be said for this unobtrusive patch of vaginal tissue.
Stimulation of the clitoris – or the clitoral glans to be specific – which nestles directly beneath a hood of tissue that protects this extraordinarily sensitive sensory structure, is generally regarded to be the most effective way to stimulate the female genitalia in the pursuit of orgasm. Effective as this may be for many women in reaching climax efficiently, the orgasm that results tends to be highly localised to the immediate vicinity of the clitoris itself. Vaginal stimulation, on the other hand, can result in an orgasm that manifests itself throughout the entire body.
Inspection of the adjacent illustration will reveal that the glans is quite literally just the tip of the clitoral iceberg. The clitoris also extends to incorporate both the left and right crus clitoris (dark pink) and the bulb of the clitoral vestibule (light pink). Considering the close proximity of the bulb of the clitoral vestibule to the anterior (upper, in this diagram) wall of the vagina – it is clear to see why pressure upon this region (location of the highly contested G-spot) is thought by many experts in the field to actually mediate its effects via stimulation of the clitoral bulbs. The paraurethral glands (a.k.a. Skene’s glands or female prostate) are also unavoidably stimulated by this same pressure and from which an ejaculatory fluid may be expelled at climax in some women.
Orgasms resulting from stimulation of the vagina tend to involve muscular tension that gradually builds up throughout the whole body, culminating in an intense euphoria and muscular convulsions that cause involuntary spasms in the limbs, torso and face at the moment of climax. Yet another different type of orgasm altogether can be elicited by stimulation of the cervix; the “neck” of the womb or uterus which lies at the far end of the vagina and has its very own system of nerve fibres carrying touch information to the brain. Touch information is relayed to the somatosensory cortex -  a strip of brain tissue dedicated to processing tactile sensation from all over the surface of the human body. Although the different brain areas dedicated to processing touch at the tongue/mouth/throat, face, hand, arm and trunk are located in a strip on the outer surface of the brain, those that receive tactile information at the leg, foot and toes are positioned on the part of this strip that spills over onto the inner surface of the brain where the two hemispheres face each other.
Just below the area dedicated to processing tactile sensations in the toes are three separate but overlapping areas that produce the sense of touch at the clitoris, vagina and cervix.
Stimulation of the clitoris is primarily carried to the brain via the pudendal nerve, vaginal stimulation mainly by the pelvic nerve and cervical stimulation mainly by the hypogastric, pelvic and vagus nerves. Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix can result in a “blended” orgasm incorporating the various qualities of each. For further reading I would highly recommend the “Science of Orgasmby Komisaruk, Beyer-Flores and Whipple.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014



Curve Summer 2014 Preview
CURVEXPO’s one-stop shop experience and unique offerings attracts top buyers from the best specialty stores, online stores and department stores in North America..”
The #CurveCountdown begins now! In just a few weeks, buyers, press and brands meet together at CURVExpo in New York and Las Vegas to see the latest SS14 collections from intimate apparel and swimwear brands from around the world. Brand new exhibitors, a strong swimwear presence, and updated seminars and programs are rolling out this summer for visiting buyers at both venues.
Creme Bralee
Above: Crème Bralée Lingerie’s Meryl Kutzin and Cris Zogas.
CURVENY NEW YORK will take place on August 3, 4 & 5 at the Javits Center North while CURVENV LAS VEGASwith its successful, two-day format on August 18 & 19 will be at the Venetian, a destination in Vegas known for its concentration of hip fashion shows.
Tia Lyn Booth
Above: Tia Lyn Lingerie’s booth with buyers Lee Padgett, Bobbie Shishido and Josh Porter at February’s CURVENY.
“…designers have found CURVExpo to be the perfect platform to launch their brands and introduce new collections to the top echelon of industry influential buyers.”
This summer’s freshest faces at Curve include Babajaan, Baci, Blackspade, BLUSH, Coquette, Edge O Beyond, J’attire, Kiss Kill, Lonely, LOVE HAUS by Beach Bunny, Sapphire Bliss, Shikka, Suki Cohen, The Muse Lingerie, Triumph, Tutti Rouge and many more.
“An inspirational assortment of designers have found CURVExpo to be the perfect platform to launch their brands and introduce new collections to the top echelon of industry influential buyers,” said the show of the uptick in new
Curve Las Vegas
Men’s brands are continuing to grow in presence at the show with exceptional collections from Aubade, Calida, Hanro, Knock Out!, LEO, pull-in, SAXX, WIN and WOOD all joining us this season.
As the industry dives into the beachwear season, buyers can count on top swim brands to return to CURVEXPO including AJOUR, Anita, Aubade, Babajaan, Beach Bunny, Bikini Lab, Body Glove, Carmen Marc Valvo, Coco Rave, Coco Reef, Commando, Cosabella, DKNY, Eberjey, Elizabeth Jane, Empreinte, Korokora, La Blanca, Leonisa, Lise Charmel, Maison Lejaby, Michael Kors, Miraclesuit, Nanette Lepore, Panache, Shikka, Touche, Trina Turk, Vince Camuto and various other designers to heat up the buying season.

New Developments

Nikol Djumon 2
Above: Nikol Djumon’s Tatyana Ponomareva with a buyer.
CURVEXPO’s one-stop shop experience and unique offerings attracts top buyers from the best specialty stores, online stores and department stores in North America all of whom appreciate the perks and flexibility offered to optimize their shopping experience. As the industry network facilitator, CURVEXPO is always looking for ways to reward faithful exhibitors and retailers. As a result, three programs have been put in place to stimulate the buying atmosphere:
New Accounts for VIP Exhibitor Program
Recently introduced, the New Accounts for VIP Exhibitor Program, will be offered to our most faithful exhibitors. The goal of this program is to connect brands with new and qualified stores, turn them into accounts by placing orders and thus help increase their new business. Our Buyers & VIP Buyers Coordinator will act has a “Sales Rep at CURVEXPO” and will be the liaison between VIP exhibitors and the stores to establish connections on the show floor.
New Account Program
Second, the popular New Account Program offers brand exposure and entice retailers to do business with new brands and broaden their selection. The program works as follows: Every time a buyer opens a new account at the show with a new brand to be added to his/her existing lines, his/her name will be entered in a sweepstakes. The more new accounts the better the chance is to visit Mode City Paris (July 5, 6 and 7, 2014), or win hotel nights and other surprises. Some of the winners from the February 2014 shows were: Brooklyn Fox (NY); Shades of Lace Lingerie (GA); Calla Lilly (CA) and more…
VIP dedicated retailers program
The VIP dedicated retailers program, popular on both coasts, will reward the top intimate apparel buyers, swimwear and resorts with complimentary spa services, VIP lounge access and other exclusive services such as the personal shopper program.
To top it all off, the ever popular Eveden fit school, PROMOSTYL Spring/Summer 2015 trend seminar and trend wall located at the entrance of the New York show will offer retailers the tools to shop smart! On another note, Proexport will uncover the innovations, exclusive sourcing and brand opportunities the Colombian market has to offer.

Vegas Developments

Curve Las Vegas
CURVENV LAS VEGAS will introduce its first Resort Hotel and Spa program called the 20/40. This exclusive program will be offered to a selection of 40 Intimate Apparel & Swimwear brands exhibiting at CURVENV LAS VEGAS that have the best resort hotel offering, to meet and exchange with 20 Top Resort Hotel industry leaders.
Curvy Couture 3
Above: the Curvy Couture team at CurveNY.
“We decided to offer this exclusive program following many requests from our clients to understand the sales process of this specific industry” says CEO Pierre-Nicolas HURSTEL. We are glad to confirm resorts and hotel management groups such as WTS International, who manager 150 properties in the USA, the Sea Island Resort in Georgia, The St. Regis Monarch Beach in California, The Westmoor Club in Massachusetts, The Boulders in Arizona and many more to join.
“CURVEXPO renews its commitment to deliver a creative and educational environment encouraging more and better business for brands and retailers. CURVEXPO has become the one-stop shopping experience for everything intimates and swimwear in North America,” added Hurstel.

Learn More

For more information, please visit or contact the show at: CURVExpo, 475 Park Ave South, 6th Floor – New York, NY 10016. Tel: (212) 993-8585 | Fax: (646) 607-9065 | Email:



Outreach Assists Philadelphia’s Women Gain Independence & Confidence

Career Wardrobe
“Now, thanks to this generous donation from Baci Lingerie, we are able to offer the ladies who come to Career Wardrobe the essential building block of any well-dressed woman – a quality bra and panties.” – Caitlin Day, Career Wardrobe.
Baci Lingerie donates over 5,000 assorted bras, panties and other garments to Career Wardrobe. The donation has a retail value of over $158,000 and will assist the organization help women in need by providing professional attire, a network of support, and career development tools to promote economic independence.
Baci Lingerie owner Frank Koretsky says, “Career Wardrobe is a wonderful organization helping Philadelphia’s disadvantaged women. Baci is committed to empowering woman all around the world, and supporting organizations, such as Career Wardrobe, is extremely important to our ongoing philanthropic mission. I hope our actions inspire others to support organizations directly and positively impacting the lives of women everywhere.”
Founded in Philadelphia in 1995, Career Wardrobe is a not-for-profit organization offering services to disadvantaged women in Philadelphia, designed to help its members find jobs and remain employed. The organization provides a continuous system of employability support, meeting the needs of women as they transition into the workforce and begin their working lives.
Corsets by Baci
Career Wardrobe’s programs start by assisting women with the interview process, and continue by helping women develop skills needed to become valuable employees and retain employment. Its Dressing and Image Consultation Program is the entry point, providing women with the resources they need to increase self-confidence and prepare them to market themselves in their job search. Other services include resume review and interviewing skills classes, and its Gateway to Success Job Readiness Course, an ongoing educational and networking support for continued growth and development. These services round out the technical skills learned in job training programs by addressing the skills that are absolutely vital to succeeding in a career, such as communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal relationship-building.
Career Wardrobe Program Director Caitlin Day says, “Women come to Career Wardrobe to get ready for their interviews. We provide them with a suit, blouse, accessories, shoes, and a handbag to help them look and feel their best. Now, thanks to this generous donation from Baci Lingerie, we are able to offer the ladies who come to Career Wardrobe the essential building block of any well-dressed woman – a quality bra and panties. Many women come to us looking not just for professional clothing, but also for some important ‘me’ time, where she can feel pampered, even for just a little bit. Being able to offer Baci Lingerie to the ladies is just another way to give them some well-deserved pampering!”
Career Wardrobe serves clients mostly by referral from approved organizations such as public welfare, independent job training agencies, domestic violence shelters, homeless and housing programs, and government officials’ sites. Those individuals who do not qualify for a referral may utilize Career Wardrobe’s services for a full year through its Individual Membership Option, which requires a minimal donation of either $20 or $10 and 2 hours of volunteering.
Baci Lingerie Plus Size Collection
Baci Lingerie is committed to philanthropy, social consciousness, and charitable outreach. Baci Lingerie has raised thousands of dollars for the Eileen Stein Jacoby Fund for breast cancer. Baci also participated in the 2013 Revlon Run/Walk to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and treatment, and has donated bras to charitable organizations around the world. Baci’s international partners work harmoniously to streamline philanthropic endeavors and global vision. The synchronized network carries the Baci brand and philosophy to all territories simultaneously, allowing Baci to embrace and encourage the beauty of women throughout the world.
Baci’s support of organizations assisting women in need is an ongoing mission by the brand. From over 15,000 bras to international organization The Bra Recyclers, over 1,300 bras to Dress for Success’s Los Angeles location, over 5,000 bras to African and South American non-profit Free The Girls, to now its donation to Career Wardrobe, Baci’s charitable outreach is deeply motivated by its desire to empower and encourage women around the world. Baci’s donation of over 1,000 bras to XO Oklahoma, to assist victims of tornados in Moore, Oklahoma last year, also offered much-needed healing and recovery for women affected by the disaster.
Career Wardrobe relies on financial contributions, in-kind donations, and volunteer efforts of individuals and companies who are committed to helping women take charge of their lives. Visit the organization’s Donation and Volunteer pages to learn how you can get involved with Career Wardrobe. The organization’s boutique, located at 1822 Spring Garden Street, as well as its online store, also offer additional ways to support Career Wardrobe’s efforts.
About Baci Lingerie: 
Baci Lingerie, which derives its name from the Italian word “kisses,” is a celebration of strong, confident women. The brand first made international headlines during its public debut in 2010 at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, Nevada and at Paris’ 2011 Salon de la Lingerie Show. Baci’s exquisite fabrics and styles compliment every woman, enhancing her innate and unique sex appeal. Popular collections like White Label, Dreams by Baci, Corsets by Baci, Fetish by Baci, After Dark Hosiery, and Baci Eyelashes continually evolve, while the inclusion of plus sizes encourages women of all shapes and measurements to embrace their sexy side. Promoting confidence and empowerment, Baci Lingerie continues to “Celebrate Every Woman.” For more information, visit
About Career Wardrobe:
Since 1995, Career Wardrobe has served women in Philadelphia with the clothing, career skills, and confidence necessary to transition to work. In that time, the organization has helped nearly 75,000 women on their journeys to independence. More than 70% of its support comes from private sources including individuals, corporations, and earned income. Having the support of Career Wardrobe is a critical element in employment success for low-income women who have limited resources and an ever-decreasing network of supportive services. In 2011, 85% of women responding to Career Wardrobe’s follow-up surveys reported that they were no longer receiving cash assistance within 6 months of their appointment because they were working. The impact of this on the Delaware Valley economy — to the tune of $1.2 million in savings for taxpayers on public cash assistance benefits alone — cannot be understated. For more information, including how to donate, visit

Learn More

For international sales information, please contact:
For inquiries regarding New Business Development, please contact:
For international inquiries and information on becoming an exclusive Baci Lingerie distributor, contact:
For general Baci information, please contact:
For media information, please contact:

Eldorado presents Bnear Classic by B Swish

Jesse's Futurotic Tush Masturbator

How to Use a Fleshlight?

TLC Classic G-Vibe

Fetish Fantasy Elite

Tantus Feeldoe More

Fetish Fantasy Elite 7" Vibrating Penetrix Dildo

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LELO How-To-Use Video: the ELISE 2 Dual-Motor Vibrator

LELO ORA: The World's Most Sophisticated Oral Sex Simulator

Kegel Exercise Instruction Video

Fleshlight: How does it work?

WARNING ADULT CONTENT Inside the sex doll factory

Best Sex Toys for Women

XXX Myth Busters: Ben-Wa Balls

Pipedream at ANME 2013

Pipedream Products Introduction

Fetish Fantasy Series Yoga Sex Swing

Fetish Fantasy Gold

WOW! Thruster

According to Morality In Media’s latest victory announcement, adult marketers may be facing further restrictions on advertising via search giant Google’s AdWords and Image Search programs.

According to Morality In Media’s latest victory announcement, adult marketers may be facing further restrictions on advertising via search giant Google’s AdWords and Image Search programs.
Following its pronouncement of “a major win” against Verizon last week, the anti-porn group claims that “there is much to be optimistic about,” as it continues to press Google over the company’s long-standing support of free speech rights, seeking to see porn banned from the company’s services.
“I already told you about Google’s change in policy to stop all pornographic ads and ads that link to sexually explicit websites — but this win is better than we knew at first,” Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of Morality In Media (MIM) and, told supporters. “We have since learned that this change in policy makes website owners responsible for policing their sites, even if the questionable content is uploaded by a separate user.”
Hawkins hinted at the price of non-compliance with the updated policies.
“If the site owners fail to comply, they lose all of the ad revenue they were generating by allowing ads on their website,” Hawkins says. “This forces website owners to be responsible for what is on the [sites they link to] and gets them to self-regulate much better than before.”
She explains that Google is not only applying its new policy to “hardcore” porn, but also prohibiting ads linking to web pages that contain images or videos depicting strategically covered nudity, sheer or see-through clothing, lewd or provocative poses, and close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches.
Clearly, there is much subjectivity involved in some of these assessments; and while Google has yet to issue an official announcement on these tighter restrictions, MIM is claiming another major victory that places it “definitely at a historic point where the fight against pornography is finally changing direction.”
In appreciation of Google’s submission to its demands for censorship, MIM is encouraging supporters to sign a virtual “thank you” card, as part of its effort to galvanize grass-roots involvement in changing the way that private companies do business.
With little counterbalance to the constant cries for censorship, the debate continues, as MIM focuses on having government agencies deem porn to be a public health crisis.

Doc Johnson Now Shipping Motion Lotion Elite

Doc Johnson Now Shipping Motion Lotion Elite
Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson debuts the next generation of Body Glide with Motion Lotion Elite.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Adult novelty manufacturer Doc Johnson debuts the next generation of Body Glide with Motion Lotion Elite.
The Original Motion Lotion made its first appearance in 1977 and now, 37 years later, Motion Lotion Elite reveals the same tasting flavors with a groundbreaking new formula, new look, and a larger 6 fl. oz. bottle.
“It has been a lot of fun taking part in developing a new look and formula for a brand that has been around almost as long as Doc Johnson has been a company,” said Product Development Leader and COO, Chad Braverman. “The Original Motion Lotion is a tried and true line of Body Glides in its own right, and we are very excited to be releasing a new revamped version to offer to customers.”
Paraben and glycerin-free, the pH-balanced water-based Body Glides are available in five flavors of Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit and Watermelon. They are made in the U.S.

'Titcoin' Aiming to Be Adult's Own Cryptocurrency

Move over bitcoin, "titcoin" wants to be adult’s very own cryptocurrency.

CYBERSPACE — Move over bitcoin,"titcoin" wants to be adult’s very own cryptocurrency.
Although a number of industry companies have already adopted bitcoin as a means to pay for online porn, titcoin claims to be the first digital currency aimed squarely at the porn industry.
The brainchild of finance types Edward Mansfield, Richard Allen, and a third anonymous founder, the payment method recently created a buzz on a bogus YouTube introduction video.
But in a Vice interview, the creators said titcoin is for real, works like the myriad other methods, and is ideal for secret porn purchases.
A host of cryptocurrencies have come and gone since bitcoin’s boom in popularity, but none have been aimed at a specific industry like titcoin — especially for adult products.
“In the future, you might have a bitcoin account with your spouse. You may not want them to see you purchasing products or subscriptions on adult sites, so having an industry-specific coin has certain advantages for consumers,” Mansfield told Vice.
A total of 69 million titcoins will reportedly be in circulation once they’re all mined.
Mansfield said that a number of adult performers have contacted him about using titcoin and one very popular male star is interested in becoming a partner whose name could skyrocket the currency.
Right now the operators said it’s been contacted primarily by smaller and “fringe” porn companies but they’ve been talking to a few of the big players including Brazzers. “In fact, we were talking to them before they started accepting Bitcoins. We kind of feel like we nudged them in that direction. But some of the other ones we are talking to are very suspicious of digital currency as a whole. It’s not surprising. These types of industries are very technologically advanced when it comes to media content and video streaming. But I feel that when it comes to the financial aspect of subscription-based services, they tend to be a little bit gun-shy,” Mansfield said.

Sarai of XR Brands is the latest novelty expert to participate in Nalpac’s ongoing customer and sales training sessions,

Nalpac Hosts XR Brands for Customer and Sales Training
Sarai of XR Brands is the latest novelty expert to participate in Nalpac’s ongoing customer and sales training sessions, educating the Nalpac team about XR Brand’s top selling toys.

ANME Preview: What's the Buzz Before the Big Show?

ANME Preview: What's the Buzz Before the Big Show?
With less than a month away, ANME Founders show summer fever is spreading far and wide across the pleasure products market in anticipation of what many top companies believe may be a banner year to come.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

HYSTERIA - The Story Of The Vibrator

What Was "Female Hysteria," Really?

passion and power the technology of orgasm Part 1

phthalate-free, what does it actually mean??


Although the term phthalate-free is getting more airplay every day there seems to be some confusion what actually phthalate-free means. I will try to provide a simple and clear description. We are talking about plasticizers and chemically these are mostly esters. An ester is nothing more than an acid reacting with alcohol creating an ester and water. Acid + Alcohol = Ester + Water. The chemical name of the plasticizer/ ester is based on the type of alcohol and acid. For instance the reaction of 2ethylhexanol with adipic acid gives the ester called di-2-ethylhexyl adipate (and water). This product is mainly known in the market as DOA: di-octyl adipate. I will not go deeper into this funny name change, there are good reasons for this but let’s not make it too complicated. The main point is that the acid is giving the ester the last part of its name. If you use adipic acid the ester will be an adipate. If you use citric acid, the ester will be a citrate. The name phthalates is having the same background. In order to produce DOP (di-octyl phthalate) you will need 2ethylhexanol and phthalic anhydride. Phthalic anhydride is the anhydride of phthalic acid. The anhydride is used because it is reacting quicker than the acid. Bottom line is that in the end phthalic acid is giving the last part of the chemical name. DOP is a phthalate because it is made from phthalic anhydride (which comes from phthalic acid). Products likes DINP and DIDP are phthalates because phthalic anhydride is used as raw material. When a plasticizer is phthalate-free this basically means it is not produced from phthalic anhydride. All esters which are not based on phthalic anhydride can be considered phthalate-free. One important note I have to make on purity. It can happen that small parts of phthalic anhydride for instance can end up in raw materials and consequently in the production process which can lead to the production of phthalates as a co-product. This can be limited to such levels that one can still speak of phthalate-free. To make it a bit more complicated we need to look how phthalic anhydride is produced. Phthalic anhydride is produced by oxidation of ortho-xylene. To be 100% chemically correct we should actually speak of ortho-phthalates instead of phthalates. So (ortho-) phthalates are those esters produced from phthalic anhydride. Phthalate free are those esters based on other acids which do not contain significant impurities of phthalic anhydride. This is off course a simplified story but I hope it makes clear what I understand under phthalate-free.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


When batteries work properly, we barely even notice they’re there. But when they begin to die, all rational thinking gets pushed aside, expletives fly out of our mouths and we damn the day we bought the device that’s momentarily not working. I guess it’s safe to say we have a love/hate relationship with batteries. But before you do something drastic like chuck your vibrator against the wall, we have a better solution: know your battery. Being familiar with a battery’s output capacity can put the love back into your relationship (with your toy) — and save your sanity.
Modern standard and extended-life batteries are composed of carbon-zinc, alkaline, or lithium. Rechargeable batteries utilize nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride as their force. Battery life expectancies vary depending on what type is used (standard, extended-life, rechargeable) and what the battery is made of; therefore, we cannot estimate a life expectancy. What is important here is voltage. Voltage is as important to a battery’s performance as getting the right toy is to good sex. In most cases, the lower the voltage, the longer the battery will last; the higher the voltage, the quicker it will burn out. The exceptions to this rule are lithium and A23 batteries; lithium has a higher output capacity (3 volts) — which is why they are a favorite for digital cameras and electronics — and A23′s “round multiple cell” construction gives them a super-charged output (12 volts).
It is important to understand that no battery will last forever. That is why we recommend always keeping spares on hand — or a charger along with spare rechargeable batteries (NEVER try to recharge standard, non-rechargeable batteries). Also, NEVER combine old batteries with new (it drains the power quickly) or standard with rechargeable (for the same reason). And NEVER combine lithium batteries with other types. There are, however, toys that require a combination of different types of batteries, so pay close attention to the manufacturer’s requirements. Additionally, ALWAYS recycle used batteries — they are harmful to the environment if disposed of in the trash.

The list below gives a breakdown of battery sizes commonly used in sex toys. This will help you make the correct choice to get your vibe on:
AA — The most common multipurpose battery used in a wide array of devices. A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel cadmium NiCd and nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys as diverse as the Neon Luv Touch Vibe™,Waterproof Wabbit Vibe and the Pipedream Extreme Toyz™ Latino Lover use one, two and three AA batteries (not included), respectively.
AAA — A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys such as Neon Love Touch Ribbed Slims™ use two AAA batteries (not included).
C — A single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). Toys like the 9 Function Multi Wanachi require two C batteries, not included.
N — Also a single cell battery. Available in alkaline (standard, non rechargeable, 1.5 volts), lithium (extended life, non-rechargeable, 3 volts) and rechargeable (nickel metal hydride NiMH, 1.25 volts). The Remote Control Waterproof Butterfly™ requires three AA batteries and one N battery to function.
LR41, LR44, AG3 and AG13 — These types of batteries are commonly known as “button cells” for their button-like appearance. They are composed of silver oxide and alkaline, and have an output of 1.5 volts. Small and compact, they come in a wide range of sizes (pay close attention to the exact battery number when replacing). Their minuteness is perfect for toys like the Neon Luv Touch One Touch Egg™ (two LR41 batteries, not included), Neon Luv Touch Lipstick Vibe™ (three LR44 batteries, not included), and the Silicone Rabbit Pearl Deluxe™ (six LR41 and one AG3 battery, not included).
A23 — A multiple-cell alkaline battery. Sometimes encased in a cylindrical cardboard tube (like a standard battery) and sometimes stacked together and shrink-wrapped, the result is the same: 12 volts. Toys like the 10 Function Remote Control Bullet™ require a combination of batteries (six LR44 aka AG13 batteries, and one A23 battery for the remote (included).

NEWSFLASH!! Quit Doing This Thing That You’ve Probably Always Done and Never Thought Twice About!

You know when you buy a new toy, there’s usually that little tab between the cap and the batteries that you have to pull out in order for it to work? 
And then there’s usually also a paper or plastic liner inside the battery compartment that wraps around the batteries?
My paranoid ass always tore that liner out too, thinking, “Oh my god, the batteries are definitely gonna get hot and set the paper on fire and then my pussy on fire and holy shit, I knew this toy would get me fired up but DAMN…” Well, it turns out my colorful imagination only encourages my anxiety, because our Development team assured me that my pussy will never catch on fire, at least not from our toys. There’s not nearly enough energy in just a couple batteries to spark a flame, and even if there were, that liner in question — it actually fights against the flame! Wait, so you’re telling me that that paper and/or plastic liner serves a purpose other than just telling me what direction the batteries should be facing? Long story short — uh, yeah.
The battery liner actually insulates the batteries so that the toy doesn’t overheat. It also keeps the contact tight, and holds the batteries in place to eliminate noise. Most importantly, though, it ensures that your batteries live a long, healthy life.
See those metal lines on either side of the battery compartment?
Well, some batteries can make contact on all sides, like the small LR44 batteries required for most small vibes. Without the liner, the batteries can make contact with that metal line, turning the toy on without your permission. Not only will this drain your batteries, but could you just imagine if you thought you were discreetly toting around your favorite Neon Lipstick Vibe, only for it to make its presence known with a sporadic buzz. Oops, sorry boss!
So there ya have it – quit removing the battery liner in your toys! It serves a bunch of purposes, and we promise that the only thing to catch fire will be your passion. And just in case it slips your mind in the heat of the moment, we’ll be placing this casual reminder inside our vibes from here on out.
For answers to all your kinky curiosities, feel free to contact Sexpert Sabrina Dropkick