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Saturday, November 15, 2014

where to find free stock photos

Screenshot of the freeimages website - © HAAP Media Ltd
© HAAP Media Ltd

1. freeimages

Sign up for a free account at freeimages and have access to nearly half a million free stock photos.
You can check the usage rights next to each photo before you download them. The screen size and file size are also available on each download page.
Some of the image categories include Business, People, Signs, Transportation, Concepts, and Architecture. You can also perform an advanced manual search for images and filter just for non-restricted images added before and/or after a particular date with a certain resolution.
Note: When you browse for photos, the small selection near the top are ones you must pay for, but everything else is free to download. More »
Screenshot of IM Free - © IM-CREATOR

2. IM Free

Another source for free stock photos is IM Free, a sub-section of a website designing service called IM Creator.
These photos are free for commercial use and can be sifted through by collection, such as Food & Drinks, Icons, Business, Education, and Inspiration, as well as by using the search box.
On each download page, you'll be told how you can use the photo, like whether you need to credit the creator. More »
Screenshot of Magdeleine - © Magdeleine
© Magdeleine

3. Magdeleine

Magdeleine is an awesome free stock image website because of the unique ways you can filter the photos, unfortunately there isn't a huge variety of images to choose from.
Pictures can be filtered to show only if they are in the public domain or require attribution, as well as if they have a particular color as the dominant color. You can also search for photos or browse them by category, like Objects or Technology, or by popular tag, such as #Landscapes or #Mountains.
Every day, a brand new, free picture appears on Magdeleine, as well as a "Photo of the Day" on the homepage. More »
Screenshot of - ©


Around 50,000 free photos are available at, but they're free for personal use only, which means you can't use them on a company website, for example. See their FAQ page for more information.
There are categories you can browse through, a search box, and some filtered sections that show the newest, most viewed, most downloaded, and most loved pictures.
You can also subscribe to their email service to get weekly notifications of new images.More »
Screenshot of morgueFile - © morgueFile
© morgueFile

5. morgueFile

Images at morgueFile were uploaded by artists to allow others to use their images in creative projects, and there are hundreds of thousands to browse through.
Images can be saved to your computer as well as shared over a few social media websites. If you create a free account at morgueFile, you're able to also save images to your favorites and post comments.
You can find photos by keyword, popularity, recently added, last downloaded, and most downloaded.
Be sure to read the information on each download page to understand how you can use morgueFile's images, like if attribution is required. More »
Screenshot of - ©


Over 15,000 free stock photos can be found at, and in many different categories. Some pictures are kept in sections like Events, Computers, Animals, People, Symbols, Religion, and Travel.
Over a dozen license types are available so you can filter the images by ones like Public Domain or Commercial Only. The items can then be sorted by most popular, newest/oldest, most/least downloaded, and most/least viewed.
Different images at can be used for different purposes, so if you're not filtering the results by usage type, take note as to what license is linked from each image's download page.
Note: Some images are sponsored from Shutterstock and may not be free to use. They're listed as "Sponsored Image From Shutterstock" and are displayed alongside the free photos from More »
Screenshot of Freerange Stock - © Freerange Stock, LLC
© Freerange Stock, LLC

7. Freerange Stock

After creating a free account with Freerange Stock, you can download free photos for both commercial and non-commercial use.
Finding pictures here is easy because you can search for them or view them by most popular or recently added. 
You’re asked to make a comment when you download an image from Freerange Stock, but you can scroll down and choose to “Download with no comment” if you wish.
You can also edit images using the online photo editor Pixlr before downloading them so you can crop, resize, etc. before you save anything to your computer. More »
Screenshot of Superfamous - © Superfamous
© Superfamous

8. Superfamous

As long as you provide credit, you can use Superfamous' images for any purpose, including commercially.
Images are displayed vertically as you scroll through the page, and easy to use arrows make it simple to go from one picture to the next.
You can also filter the results by category, such as Geological, Aerial, and Psychological.More »
Screenshot of - ©


As you'd guess,'s stock photos are freely available in the public domain, which means you can use them for any purpose.
There are dozens of categories, some of which include Dream, Modern, Craft, Plants, Wood, Vintage, and Art, and you can also search for pictures to find something you want.
Many of the images here were taken and described by one person, but others can contribute their own work as well. More »
Screenshot of picjumbo - © picjumbo
© picjumbo

10. picjumbo

picjumbo's photos are entirely free for both personal and commercial use, and there are plenty of photos to choose from.
You can find the images by category in sections like Nature, Architecture, Fashion, Food, Wedding, People, and Technology.
picjumbo offers a useful plugin that lets you browse its images directly from Adobe Photoshop, though it isn't free to use. More »